While many mortals will approach this hallowed evening with tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, I invite you to seize the opportunity that this night holds to connect with your dreams and inner desires.
The veil of consciousness which separates the physical realm from the spirit world will be at its thinnest tonight, presenting the perfect [...]

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I find that some days it is much easier for me to extend a kind word toward some guy I don’t know behind me in line at 7-Eleven than it is to the guy that I married.
Due to social upbringing it is customary for me to be courteous and polite to others.  I also like [...]

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If you are a parent of a young child don’t let a parent of a teenager scare you.
When the Bean children were much younger I received a fair share of unsolicited advice.  I recall many instances when I would hear a more experienced parent describe the unpleasant nature of having to deal with one of [...]

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I just adore a fresh, untainted mind.
Before we arrive on this planet, we are part of the All-Knowing crowd, eager to come here and create our life experience.  Then, because of the way that the system is designed, we have to stash that information somewhere within us for safekeeping while we rely on our grown-ups [...]

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This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it seems I have about 9 thousand spiral-bound notebooks, journals, tablets and dated calendars that are full of my reflective thoughts, poems, drawings, and hand-written spells.  Stuffed within their pages are many photos and a number of clippings from various publications that I’ve accumulated over the [...]

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Not long ago there was a time when I came dangerously close to ‘death by PTA’.  There were a few deciding factors that had delivered me from this fate, but it is the friendship of Suzie Case that I recall most fondly.
I spent several years participating in volunteer opportunities that were related to our kids’ [...]

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The masculine energy was so powerful in my house today that I had to go outside just to stop bumping into it.
Marriage, like any relationship, requires a constant balancing act between two distinctly individual energy fields.  Some days these fields overlap and coexist in complete harmony.  Other days, well, it can feel a bit crowded [...]

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I’m 49 years old and I know every word to the Dora the Explorer theme song.  If my loaded brain is capable of absorbing and retaining this senseless tune, imagine what’s inserting itself into the filing cabinet of my 2 year old niece’s brain.
Since I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with my niece [...]

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Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by…
The broom closet door is wide open and I have much to share.
Articles about my experience with motherhood, marriage, family and friendship are currently under construction.
For now, please check out my About page above.
Hope you come back to visit me again soon!

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