Welcome to the new moment!
Every single minute of each hour that I spend time on the planet presents yet another opportunity for me to create my future.  Sponsors of Alcoholics Anonymous offer the practical suggestion that an addict approach his desired recovery “one day at a time.”  There are some days when I find it [...]

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Nothing generates shared sentiment more readily than motherhood.  There is a universal sisterhood among mothers in which unspoken sympathies are exchanged during any occasion that involves our precious offspring.  Durwood calls it a fellowship of “blubberers.”
Last night’s trip to the airport felt like any other routine pick-up.  Even though I had not seen James since [...]

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Even grown-ups need to separate themselves from the rest of the population now and then.  It may often be just the people in your own home that you require some separation from.  Who decided it was a punishment?!
“Time-out” is such a broad concept.  Parents and caretakers often use time-outs as a method in correcting a [...]

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I love rocks.  I’ve been collecting them since I can remember.  I grew up near one of the Great Lakes and used to spend hours searching for arrowheads, traipsing around the local rock quarry, and generally taking every opportunity to pick up any stone or glistening pebble that caught my eye.
I can’t walk past one [...]

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I washed my mother-in-law down the shower drain today.  Not all of her, exactly.  There are several aspects of Mother Bean that I admire.  I just allowed some of her opinions of me to go right down the drain.  Recent unnerving opinions got scrubbed out right along with any other influences I’ve been gathering these [...]

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I know who I am.  Every now and then I experience moments when the connection to my inner and Knowing Self is not flowing at optimum capacity.  I always picture the bar graph on the computer screen that indicates signal strength in the internet connection.  I can feel when mine is weak.
Over the years I’ve [...]

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If I were to explore all the debilitating effects that an overdeveloped concern with ‘what other people think’ has on a person, I could write a book.
I’d rather not focus on the negative aspects that an obsession with outward perception can have on the ability to direct one’s own life.  But if there is a [...]

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The whole purpose of parenting is to raise another adult.  We teach our children how to use their inherent abilities so they will grow up to become responsible adults who are confident in their creative power.
As new arrivals on the planet, babies are required to entrust their power to grown-ups who can keep them safe.  [...]

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Your future is being formed right at this very moment by you.  Many people find that hard to believe since from the very moment we were old enough to understand the concept of fate, we were offered a preconceived notion that someone more powerful than we are has control over all of our immediate circumstances.
I [...]

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The wisdom that there is strength in numbers can very often refer to a party of two.
One person alone is capable of creating enough focus on a specific intention to achieve a desired outcome, whether it’s a resolution to a problem or perhaps something as simple as maintaining a calm mood when in an uncomfortable [...]

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