Surprise endings are great if I am reading an intriguing mystery novel or watching a suspenseful movie.  In real life, I would prefer that my surprises occur within the context of any possible circumstances of my story and not in the actual outcome itself.
True magic lies within the unfolding of a story.  It is only [...]

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There is no way to avoid the obvious season that is upon us at this time of year.  Who would want to?  One certainly does not need to be a witch to feel the magic in the air.
I might be inclined to cite all of the modern Christmas customs that originated with ancient pagan tradition.  [...]

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What if we could change our perspective toward the reason why we practice anything?  What if, in theory, you were already adept at performing a specific skill and the only factor preventing you from achieving complete proficiency was nothing more than your own lack of comfort?  Would not the real reason to practice something be [...]

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Even the most proficient witch cannot prevent the awkward social situation that arises when the young child she is responsible for ‘toots’ in public.  Ignorance is futile.  Reminding the little one to say “excuse me” (or saying it for them) while sharing a sheepish grin among the adjacent bystanders is the best option.  Instances that [...]

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My friend Gabrielle is a recovering list-maker.  During the height of her addiction, she maintained as many as six lists at a time.  There was a project list, another for long term goals, a monthly calendar, weekly and daily planners, as well as an assortment of legal pads, notebooks and sticky pads that she attended [...]

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One of the few times that my brain gets a break from my conscious thoughts is when I am sleeping.  I am content with that.
I have discovered that there are some techniques that will allow me to reach a needed meditative state when I am not sound asleep.  These include hypnosis and guided imagery sessions [...]

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My moods are often so reflective of the current moon phase that it was not surprising that I found myself uncluttering a spare room closet today.  I will enter a place of storage within our home with a clear purpose of procuring one item in particular, and end up discovering several items that are no [...]

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Does a witch pray?  Why, yes, I most certainly do!  Among the numerous avenues available to those of us who desire to strengthen our ethereal connection, the beautiful resonance that a spoken prayer offers can be quite powerful.
Human beings (including witches) have used the sacred sounds of music, prayers, chants, and incantations throughout history as [...]

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Does anyone ever return a borrowed book?  Chances are that the only time most people fulfill an obligation to return a book is when they have borrowed it from the library; and even then, accountability is often viewed in a rather casual manner.  Unless you are a college student who cannot afford the escalating overdue [...]

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