Natalie Ellen Bean has a few theories of her own.  On our daily trips home from school, she can offer some pretty interesting perspectives on teenage behavior.  (That is, when she’s in the mood to talk.)  I think it’s been at least one hundred years since I’ve been in high school, so I thought it [...]

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Balance is the key.  At least, that was the expressed goal of ‘healthy living’ that seemed most prevalent to me while I was earning my undergraduate degree in psychology.  As I pursued an ongoing interest in human behavior and psychology well after my formal education, the theory on ‘balance’ continued to be the common thread [...]

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I love the invention of weekends.  One 24 hour “break” from our normal routine is often not enough to rest and regroup our earthly selves.   Whether your weekend includes the standard Saturday and Sunday, or falls on two other consecutive days in a week, it has been my experience that a time period of [...]

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Since when is suffering considered a hallowed virtue?  There is not a doubt that any well-bred Catholic would probably have the answer to that.  The esteemed qualities that are required for sainthood include forbearance, suffering, and ultimate sacrifice.  Individuals who exhibited these traits throughout their lifetime, and then demonstrated their “holiness” by dying for their [...]

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I love coincidences in life.  The recognition of corresponding  circumstances and events that occur throughout one’s daily life are significant indicators of creation in action.  Coincidences are personal message boards provided by the Universe to confirm that your vibrational output is aligning with your heart’s desire.  Just when you start to entertain some doubts about [...]

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Attractive as the striped stockings and trendy ankle boots may be, the most appealing aspect of practicing your own witchcraft is the ever-expanding connection to Source energy.  Exploring the depths of your heart in order to reconnect with the Divine power that exists within each of us is a unique and individual journey of choice.  [...]

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The Wicked Witch of the West scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.  Every time that she appeared in a scene from The Wizard of Oz, I would resort to using the customary strategy practiced by any normal, frightened child: I covered my face with both of my hands.  This time-honored [...]

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Meet Brutus.  Brutus is over 12 years old, which makes him about the same age (in human years) as my dad.  Set in their ways, and fiercely loyal to their routines, both dog and man have zero tolerance for disruption in their lives.
My dad is very firm regarding his basic requirements.  For example, he would [...]

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Any well-founded witch can appreciate the teachings of the Buddha.  The Eightfold Path and other basic Buddhist teachings promote the practice of meditation to reconnect with the vital energy of self.  Relaxing the vigilant mind’s ego allows us the freedom to create our own happiness.  As we release our ego, we increase our awareness of [...]

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After investing weeks, months, or the years that some of us require in order to remember Who We Are, it can feel like quite a setback to experience dismal moments (especially when they seem to last longer than we would like).  As physical beings, we can accept that mood changes are part of the human [...]

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