“Why is there sand all over the front porch?” Natalie wants to know.
“That’s not sand,” I have to explain. “It’s pollen.”
Living among several acres of Long Leaf Pine trees eliminates the need for a seasonal calendar.  If our physical beings are not attuned to sense the arrival of spring, then the visible layers of fine [...]

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Last night I talked on the phone with my cousin Candace for four hours and twenty minutes.
“What do you talk about?” Durwood wants to know.
This can never be explained to a man.  (Particularly one who is a lifetime member of the Man-Talker Association.)  Durwood’s phone conversations are kept to a brief greeting, statements containing five [...]

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Once upon a time there was a vibrant elm tree that grew in the front yard of the Bean family’s modest first home.  Durwood and Jillian Bean had planted the young tree within the first few months after they had moved into the house.
In the five years that they had lived there, the tree’s growth [...]

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Our personal relationship with Divine Source may define our sovereignty, but it is our inherent ability to access this common Source of Divine power that also connects us.  My Aunt Claudia would poignantly refer to this as “separately alone together.”
The ability to make genuine eye contact with our fellow human beings offers us an opportunity [...]

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Encouraged by her recent commentary on young men (titled “Why Can’t They Get Girlfriends?”) Natalie Ellen Bean has just handed me the following essay to share with you.  It would appear that young Natalie has connected with the original intention that she held upon her arrival to the planet.  Like all of us who have [...]

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Patience is only a virtue when I feel like I need some.  For most of my life, patience has remained one of the qualities of human behavior that I never really cared to possess.  In an effort to hasten most of what I wanted in life, I would resort to ‘vigilance’ as a suitable substitution [...]

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My kids still like to remind me of the time that I told them to “shut up and read their tea bags.”
We were in the midst of moving into what would be our fourth home within five years.  With three kids, three dogs, two cats, two birds, a rabbit, and all the crap that goes [...]

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“Am I crazy?”
This is quite possibly the one question that we ask ourselves often enough to effectively prevent our creative ability to reach its full potential.  Formulating an idea about certain experiences that we would like to have, and then instinctively weighing the rational nature of this extreme notion, is the one thing that can [...]

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What is “normal?”  Whatever we may perceive “normal” to be, it would seem that most people tend to spend the majority of their time trying to “be” it.  We formulate our own perceptions of what is ‘unacceptable’ on one end of the spectrum, and what is ‘impossible’ (or ridiculous) on the other end.  Then we [...]

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