I hate my tarot cards.  They’re always right.
There are various divination tools available to us when we desire a glimpse into our future.  It has become my own jaded opinion that we do not really need these tools to determine the nature of future events or circumstances in our life.  I believe that overall outcomes [...]

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Seemingly random information appears throughout our life in which we do not attribute any particular significance to at the time.  It is not until some moment later in in our life that we realize just how pivotal this occasion had been.
There are rare moments when it can feel like just yesterday, but it has been [...]

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If only my broom could fly.  My son is over one thousand miles away at school, in the midst of final exams, and sick as a dog.  I feel helpless.
Mothers instinctively wear many hats.  It only takes five magic words to instantaneously transform us into a Head Nurse.
“Mom, I don’t feel well.”
Without the slightest bit [...]

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I suppose that it is a tad late (or too early) for Thanksgiving.  Celebrated by millions of Americans annually, I can only marvel at the potential vibrational frequency that mass appreciation offers.  Millions of physical beings who are thinking and FEELING the energy of gratitude have the potential to produce the most powerful wave of [...]

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We are our parents.  It is inevitable.
As fresh arrivals to the planet, we are required to relinquish our our sovereignty in order to survive.  Our parents hold our creative power in trust while we learn the ways of the world, so to speak.
It is an insidiously brilliant plan.  The process allows us to gather useful [...]

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Old age and treachery may certainly have the upper hand when it comes to traditional methods of success.  When it comes to energy movement and new consciousness, it appears that youth and exuberance hold the winning hand.
I know that I have access to the same information that my kids have.  I suspect that I have [...]

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Sometimes it takes 49 years before we allow ourselves to remember how ‘individual’ we truly are.  Due to the nature of human interaction, we seem to spend much of our time identifying who we are, and why we behave the way to we do, by comparing ourselves to others.  The more that we understand how [...]

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During a recent phone visit with Candace, I could hear in the background as her husband entered the house.  Besides the usual ruckus that accompanies a person who is returning home after a grueling day working in the salt mines, he was talking quite loudly.  I could only assume that he was on his cell [...]

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As  human consciousness expands, we are becoming more in tune with our thought patterns.  Most of us understand the concept that our repeated thoughts serve to create our current reality, so we are practicing mindful awareness of what we are allowing to run through our heads.
Although this is an essential component in the creative process, [...]

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All you can be is who you are.  Do you know who you are?
Our perception of our character, personality, and what we are capable of experiencing is so often altered by our interaction with others.  As physical beings, we are subject to the thoughts and behaviors of the people that we come in contact with [...]

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