Every family has their quirks.  Some are more deeply rooted in dysfunction than others, but all human beings who are associated through blood or marriage seem to have what could be defined as character flaws.
Among the several definitive features on my mother’s side of the family, there is one annoying custom that has persisted for [...]

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In the time that it takes me to rearrange practically every dirty item in the dishwasher, I could have easily washed, dried, and put away the one dish that I was hell-bent on fitting in there in the first place.
If I ever needed a more relevant example of how ingrained patterns can delay an outcome, [...]

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We are a complete package.  Aspects of a human being include the Divine Self and Spirit, the Heart of Emotion, the Physical Vessel, and the Mind of Knowledge.
Although we are furnished with these four elemental components, it is the realm of the Mind that most of us access when seeking to improve our life.  We [...]

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Upon further review, Aunt Jillian Olive Bean has retracted her formal resignation from child care.  I feel quite certain that my obligation to my nephew is not complete.
In a recent post titled “The End of an Era,” I described the recent events surrounding my decision to retire from watching my sister’s kids.  Evie is a [...]

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When it comes to ritualistic Catholic aerobics, any length of time spent away from church becomes irrelevant.  After encountering what may be a brief period of uncertainty, a well-trained former Catholic can resume the proper procedure regarding when to sit, stand, kneel, repeat the words in a congregation-wide reply, and recite at least the last [...]

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There is a profound difference between a dreamer and a visionary.
Most human beings are capable of maintaining focused desire on something that they really want.  The difference between a dreamer and a visionary lies in their perception of reality.  A visionary is able to observe a wide scope of unconditional potential in their current reality, [...]

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You are a highly organized and complex being who operates within several levels of existence.  The properties of mind, body, spirit, and soul are in constant motion of expansion and contraction.  The evolution of your being is not static, even when your physical being is in a state of sleep.
Give your SELF a break!
When all [...]

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Due to our planetary assimilation, many human beings maintain limited versions of how expansive our spiritual selves can be.  We do not always think big enough!
On occasion, we can have rare glimpses of the extensive reach of our soul energy.  There are certain instances of emotional distress when we might experience a familiar sense of [...]

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Durwood likes to throw stuff away.  Everything in our home is subject to scrutiny, and any object that poses the slightest question toward usefulness is always in danger of removal.
At this very moment, I could choose any random item in our home, direct Durwood’s attention toward it, and ask, “What about this?”
The odds will always [...]

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Sleep states are a strange and interesting feature of the human experience.
During a recent road trip, my options for needed sleep were limited to hotel beds and unavoidable neck-wrenching positions while traveling in the passenger seat of a car.  I missed my bed.
Although my sleep patterns were unusual, normal dream states remained intact.  In fact, [...]

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