Sure.  We may be complex individuals operating in what we often perceive to be a complicated world, but most of us are remembering that our life experience does not always have to be so damn difficult.  Recognizing that we are the creators of our life experience is one thing, but practicing it on a daily [...]

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Several hundred years working in the bar business has supplied my mental library with volumes of fascinating tales.  Viewing human behavior from behind the bar affords many opportunities to witness a full spectrum of individual approaches toward this wonderful life.  Subjects who partake in the practice of alcohol consumption can be particularly interesting.
Among the scrolls [...]

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I can’t believe that I ever thought I might run out of things to write.  Durwood always tells me that I talk a lot, but that does not mean that I have anything meaningful to say.  My beloved spouse of twenty-five years has raised his eyebrows at least a million times to say, “Are you [...]

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It is in our nature to want more.  A desire to have more, be more, and do more defines the process of expansion.  It is the ever-present desire for growth that makes us eternal beings.  Wanting more is life-giving!
Every time we observe something that we would like to bring into our own experience, our Inner [...]

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Dear Daddy,
It has been almost three months now since you moved on from this physical life.  There has not been one day, sometimes not even one hour, when I have not held an image or a thought of you in my mind and my heart.  Every fiber in my being resonates with the truth that [...]

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Seemingly random events appear within my line of vision that will always snap my perspective on this life right back to its purposeful place.
Deadlines are looming, time feels crunched, and too many people in my life are pulling my attention toward their discontent.  I am sitting in my car while parked in the lot of [...]

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Does the Universe employ some sort of switchboard operators?
Assuming that this position even exists, it would seem as if there are times in our life when we feel as if some of these cosmic employees do not perform their jobs very well.  Out of the eight million Universal Sales Associates seated in front of the [...]

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I started writing this blog for myself.  I wanted to read something that would address some of my ongoing questions concerning the REAL journey through life.  After spending many hours perusing the Internet for relevant information, my desire for sparkling insight remained unsatisfied.  I wanted more.
Fellow mom blogs are fun, worthy, and full of practical [...]

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Years of influence have a numbing effect on those of us who have resided on the planet longer.  Through a number of factors that cannot be avoided, the spirit of invincibility becomes hidden underneath layers of heeded warnings.
Besides the advice delivered by those who want to protect us from harm, there are additional cautionary lessons [...]

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Some things are better left unsaid.
Most of us have heard this many times throughout our lives.  Sage advice reminds us to keep our mouth shut in order to avoid potentially offensive words toward our fellow human beings.  It would be prudent for us to consider the same sentiment regarding the process of creation.  Being privy [...]

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