My brother Lou always says that there is never a problem knowing where our girls are playing.  The exact location is easily detected by simply listening for the source of the screaming.
It is a fool-proof system, really.  Wherever our young female charges are gathered together, there are sure to be some high-pitched verbal cues within [...]

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Detaching my emotions from the past had proven to be elusive.  In theory, I understood the logic behind refraining from looking over my shoulder if I no longer intended to travel there.  And yet, I am a creature of emotion who often struggled to quell the negative feelings I associated with my past experiences.
As a [...]

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I never turn down an opportunity to watch the movie Moonstruck.  Among some of my favorite lines, I am particularly fond of the scene when Olympia Dukakis’ character asks an unsuspecting male why a man would cheat on his wife.  The answer is brilliant.
“I think it is because they fear death.”
Ah, such is the concern [...]

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I had always been such a damn Pollyanna.  Ever vigilant to glean a bright side, the notion of “giving up” had never been an option for me.  There was always a glimmer of hope to be found somewhere within.  No matter what was happening around me, or what anyone else said to the contrary, I [...]

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The long summer days stretch before me as I marvel at this precious ‘down’ time.
Durwood’s current project keeps him away from the house for days at a time, and the kids are busy, too.  Either away at camp, working diligently at their summer jobs, or house-sitting for friends, the tell-tale signs of their presence are [...]

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It can be difficult to engage in a religious discussion without offending someone.  When I started this site, I deemed it possible to focus on the spiritual aspects of our personal human experience, while leaving the topic of religious affiliation out of the equation.  Assuming that we all started ’somewhere’ in our spiritual training, what [...]

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There is buried treasure right within your grasp.  I’m not kidding.  It is growing in abundance at this very moment, and the source from which it continues to accumulate is infinite.  The only thing that might be missing from this bounty is you.
What are these plentiful ‘riches’ that you have acquired?  And when will you [...]

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Nothing can take down a renewed sense of sovereignty faster than the opinion of your neighbor.  The long and winding highway of opinions carries heavy traffic both ways.  It seems that life becomes a hell of a lot easier when you get off the road completely.
What other people think of me is none of my [...]

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A spell, a chant, a prayer, rosary beads, or even a daily affirmation are merely the focusing mechanisms by which you develop your creatorship.  As we continue to expand in spirit and heart, it seems fitting that we diversify our repertoire of tools.
We are ever-changing beings whose evolution is in a fluid state of growth.  [...]

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My wife tells me that there are plenty of forums that promote the discussion of politics and religion.  This site was conceived to encourage the development of the individual, regardless of political and religious persuasion.
With that in mind, this weekend seems fitting to celebrate the true spirit of Independence Day.  Defined as “the freedom from [...]

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