For THE LOVE OF GOD, what is the rest of me doing while my body is asleep?!
The scenarios are endless.  Forgetting to determine my intentions before falling into slumber guarantees that my awakening will be a damn crap shoot.
Failure to set forth even the slightest ambition toward what you want to accomplish in the near [...]

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Everyone could use a little help now and then.
After all, we are human.
We may long for some understanding toward our purpose in life.  We may pause to question why we are here.  Uncertain moments may linger as we yearn for insight regarding our circumstances.  We might welcome a clue to uncover the secret formula for [...]

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This is the first time that I have EVER been so turned around with the phases of the moon.
Inaccurate observation of the moon’s current status can be quite embarrassing for any self-respecting witch.  Ordinarily, I would be rather vexed.
It seems that I have spent the past few weeks in an ignorant state of bliss regarding [...]

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“If I only knew then what I know now…”
There is such a mind-full of wisdom in this statement.  There are so many times that I have heard, used, and felt very familiar with this adage.
Most of us encounter moments when we evaluate our past, contemplate our future, and wish that we had more pertinent wisdom [...]

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Something is happening that you do not like.  It is a minor irritation, or it is a monumental problem.  Whatever rank it holds in your scale of perception, you are sick of it.  You feel as if you have done absolutely everything in your power to change it, and yet the situation remains the same.
From [...]

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There are many things about my sister Evie that I adore.  Among her many attributes, she maintains an attitude of nonchalance toward most things in life that many human beings might have a tendency to get ‘hung up’ on.
She has an expression that I love.  It is her all-inclusive “whatever” look.  There is a subtle [...]

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Time can be a real bugger.  No other aspect of life on the planet can shake my faith quite like time itself.
The journey toward personal wish-fulfillment includes accepting obsolete belief systems and the steady influx of thought offered by others.  When you realize that struggling against the influence of the past and the opinion of [...]

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Bravo to the person who first considered substituting the word “suggestion” for “complaint.”  We may be well aware that a slotted receptacle situated in an obscure location of an establishment is still just a “complaint box,” but a subtle word change can at least offer us an alternative attitude.
When our desire to change things manifests [...]

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