I don’t like to drink water.  It’s so… blah.
Durwood routinely stands at our kitchen sink to draw a large glass of filtered water for himself.  He ceremoniously ingests the contents of his glass with such pomp and circumstance, you would think he were partaking in the nectar of the gods.  I just don’t see the [...]

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I’m old.  And I love it.
If age is relative to the individual, then I might need to find an alternative for the word “old.”
I could describe the luminary qualities of aging in the form of some mystical interpretation.  It would be quite easy for me to indulge in my theory behind the conscious awakening of [...]

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If the best laid plans go awry, then why do we bother making them?
It could be that surprises in life are what keep our interest in life itself.  Wondering how things may turn out could quite possibly be the one unheralded force within us.
Recent observations would indicate that the world seems slightly off-kilter.  There is [...]

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It’s official.  I am a lifelong member of the all-or-nothing society.
I want it all.  If I can’t have the best, all-inclusive package that suits my every need, then I don’t want it at all.
Have I tempered my agenda over the last fifty years that I have lived on the planet?  Well, my fine human friend, [...]

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