We are limited by what we believe.  It is inevitable.  Our acquired philosophy will eventually be reflected in the life we lead.  That which we believe to be true becomes our human experience.  Depending on the structural integrity of one’s belief system, self-fulfilling-prophecy can be a blessing or a curse.
So how is it that we [...]

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Okay, we get it.  Most of us are well aware of the positive and powerful energy of appreciation.
Through many avenues of study, we have rediscovered the intrinsic value of being thankful for the blessings that are present within our current life experience.  We know that focusing on what we have, and offering the vibrational equivalent [...]

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Every morning I wake up with fragments of a song looping through my head.  I may have heard it at some point the day before.  Maybe not.  Sometimes the song is so obscure that its origins are a mystery.
My first cup of coffee in hand, I sit quietly on the front porch.  Within minutes, I [...]

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What could be more life-altering in our mortal existence than to reunite with our divine origin?
Unless, of course, we simply choose to wait until we die.  For it is physical expiration, my friend, that will always remain a “life-altering” option.
Some of us prefer the promise of reuniting with our All-Knowing Self while we are here [...]

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