Human partnership is strange.  Unless one of you is willing to lay down and die, there has to be a mutual respect for differences.
Twenty-five years ago I recited this fatal marriage vow with fleeting panic whilst standing in front of a priest.  No one likes to be reminded of potential tragedy, particularly on what is [...]

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Sometimes a human just needs to be alone.
I sure do.
Until recently, I never really understood how to do this.  Although being alone seemed intriguing, it also sounded rather boring.  Now that I have spent fifty-one years on the planet, being content with my own thoughts is finally getting easier.  This is an improvement from the [...]

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Little surprises in life are nice.  Little ones.
Any witch would be delighted to discover an extra mint on her pillow.
When it comes to big surprises in life, this witch has recently grasped an alternate perspective.  It only took me about fifty thousand years.
I am surprised that I did not comprehend this aspect of earth life [...]

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I miss my dad.
There has not been one day since he died that I don’t remember him.
The sadness of his loss is slowly being replaced with the simple joy I feel to have known him.  I’ve been experiencing some recent moments of gentle guidance from none other than the legend himself.  He still has me [...]

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