Was I really stuck?
…Stuck in a joyless commitment to certain family members and friends, stuck in a shitty and unrewarding job, stuck in an unbalanced relationship, stuck with too many bills and a dwindling bank account, stuck in the same old predictable conversations, stuck with endless requests for my time, and stuck in the same [...]

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I wonder if I might pose the question, “What is love?” without prompting a slight gag reflex in either of us?
A smirk?  A roll of the eyes?
C’mon, Jill.
It is possible to address the subject of love seriously.
A practical witch will gladly remove a firmly-placed tongue from the cheek to explore all energy forms that are [...]

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Soul-searching, finding your path to spiritual enlightenment, techniques to achieve emotional healing, the process of vibrational alignment, blah, blah, blah…..
Is any one else as tired reading about this crap as I am of writing about it?!
Holy hell, already.
Perhaps someone needs her second cup of coffee this morning.
Whatever it is, the theme for today will be [...]

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One drop of doubt can taint an entire ocean full of optimism.
Unchecked, a mere hint of it will grab a foothold in the infancy of one’s dreams, expand rapidly throughout the hallways of the mind, and wreak havoc within an entire network of carefully planned intentions.
Doubt is a master infiltrator.  Before you know it, that [...]

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Sometimes you just need to drive around the block a few times before the perfect parking space opens up.
Impatience aside, circling the block provides an opportunity to observe things that may have gone unnoticed the first time around.  A practical witch might consider applying the same leisurely process to her current affairs.
After all, we love [...]

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