Boundaries blurred
Whispers heard
Be mindful of your spoken word
Let not intention be recanted
From seeds once planted
Requests be granted
Equals only be enticed
Review the guest list once or twice
Then light the candles
And fire up the blender
‘Tis no better night for wishes rendered!

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Armed with bullet points on an index card, even a timid mind can express intention clearly.
Well, most of the time.
I’ve had my moments.  Predetermined lines of reason fly out the window if nervous energy makes an untimely entrance.  With a potential to spread like wildfire, unchecked emotions will overpower a well-rehearsed delivery before a witch [...]

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Picky, picky…
That’s it.
This is the only guideline a modern witch will ever need to fulfill her purpose.
And what is her purpose?
That’s easy.  Her only purpose is to be absolutely content with today and completely enthusiastic about tomorrow.
Somewhere, deep within us, we know that this basic element of overall satisfaction is all we need to continue [...]

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Sometimes a human just needs to be alone.
I sure do.
Until recently, I never really understood how to do this.  Although being alone seemed intriguing, it also sounded rather boring.  Now that I have spent fifty-one years on the planet, being content with my own thoughts is finally getting easier.  This is an improvement from the [...]

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I miss my dad.
There has not been one day since he died that I don’t remember him.
The sadness of his loss is slowly being replaced with the simple joy I feel to have known him.  I’ve been experiencing some recent moments of gentle guidance from none other than the legend himself.  He still has me [...]

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We are limited by what we believe.  It is inevitable.  Our acquired philosophy will eventually be reflected in the life we lead.  That which we believe to be true becomes our human experience.  Depending on the structural integrity of one’s belief system, self-fulfilling-prophecy can be a blessing or a curse.
So how is it that we [...]

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One of the first suggestions made to clients who are seeking recovery from any form of addiction is to “find new friends.”
Seeking freedom from an addiction, or simply choosing to adopt a new and often unfamiliar approach to life is slightly smoother when you discontinue frequent interaction with others who engage in behavior that you [...]

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When it comes to ritualistic Catholic aerobics, any length of time spent away from church becomes irrelevant.  After encountering what may be a brief period of uncertainty, a well-trained former Catholic can resume the proper procedure regarding when to sit, stand, kneel, repeat the words in a congregation-wide reply, and recite at least the last [...]

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Encouraged by her recent commentary on young men (titled “Why Can’t They Get Girlfriends?”) Natalie Ellen Bean has just handed me the following essay to share with you.  It would appear that young Natalie has connected with the original intention that she held upon her arrival to the planet.  Like all of us who have [...]

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Natalie Ellen Bean has a few theories of her own.  On our daily trips home from school, she can offer some pretty interesting perspectives on teenage behavior.  (That is, when she’s in the mood to talk.)  I think it’s been at least one hundred years since I’ve been in high school, so I thought it [...]

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