Boundaries blurred
Whispers heard
Be mindful of your spoken word
Let not intention be recanted
From seeds once planted
Requests be granted
Equals only be enticed
Review the guest list once or twice
Then light the candles
And fire up the blender
‘Tis no better night for wishes rendered!

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His name was Duke.  I remembered the name so suddenly that it surprised me.  I wasn’t counting on coming up with a name while recalling a scenario that occurred over 25 years ago.  But there it was, right out of the blue, having no significance whatsoever to the memory of what had actually transpired.
We were [...]

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I don’t like to drink water.  It’s so… blah.
Durwood routinely stands at our kitchen sink to draw a large glass of filtered water for himself.  He ceremoniously ingests the contents of his glass with such pomp and circumstance, you would think he were partaking in the nectar of the gods.  I just don’t see the [...]

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It can be difficult to engage in a religious discussion without offending someone.  When I started this site, I deemed it possible to focus on the spiritual aspects of our personal human experience, while leaving the topic of religious affiliation out of the equation.  Assuming that we all started ’somewhere’ in our spiritual training, what [...]

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There is buried treasure right within your grasp.  I’m not kidding.  It is growing in abundance at this very moment, and the source from which it continues to accumulate is infinite.  The only thing that might be missing from this bounty is you.
What are these plentiful ‘riches’ that you have acquired?  And when will you [...]

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Nothing can take down a renewed sense of sovereignty faster than the opinion of your neighbor.  The long and winding highway of opinions carries heavy traffic both ways.  It seems that life becomes a hell of a lot easier when you get off the road completely.
What other people think of me is none of my [...]

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Seemingly random events appear within my line of vision that will always snap my perspective on this life right back to its purposeful place.
Deadlines are looming, time feels crunched, and too many people in my life are pulling my attention toward their discontent.  I am sitting in my car while parked in the lot of [...]

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Normally, I love this time of the evening.  It is my highly anticipated relaxation time on the front porch after a long and busy day.  I make a tall glass of iced tea, light a cigarette, and take in the scenery.  The air begins to cool ever so slightly, and rays from the setting sun [...]

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Attractive as the striped stockings and trendy ankle boots may be, the most appealing aspect of practicing your own witchcraft is the ever-expanding connection to Source energy.  Exploring the depths of your heart in order to reconnect with the Divine power that exists within each of us is a unique and individual journey of choice.  [...]

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Helga recently reminded me of the day when I officially removed my token from the Community Gossip board game.  One of our monthly PTA leadership meetings had just adjourned, and the two of us were exiting the conference room to head toward the front office.  We needed to log in our volunteer hours.  Helga and [...]

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