I take in the scenery from my favorite spot on the front porch.  The bounty I can see around me is just a small piece of my growing Empire.  This is my Victory Garden.  Everywhere I look is evidence that I’m creating a life worthwhile.
Is evidence necessary?  Certainly.  What’s the point of Worthwhile Witchcraft without [...]

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I was home from college for the weekend and all I wanted to do was sleep.
The scratchy wool rug on my sister’s hardwood floor was not a deterrent.  I tucked my arms underneath my chest, cradled the side of my face within the palms of my hand, and willingly surrendered myself to slumber.  I was [...]

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Boundaries blurred
Whispers heard
Be mindful of your spoken word
Let not intention be recanted
From seeds once planted
Requests be granted
Equals only be enticed
Review the guest list once or twice
Then light the candles
And fire up the blender
‘Tis no better night for wishes rendered!

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If the best laid plans go awry, then why do we bother making them?
It could be that surprises in life are what keep our interest in life itself.  Wondering how things may turn out could quite possibly be the one unheralded force within us.
Recent observations would indicate that the world seems slightly off-kilter.  There is [...]

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There are many things about my sister Evie that I adore.  Among her many attributes, she maintains an attitude of nonchalance toward most things in life that many human beings might have a tendency to get ‘hung up’ on.
She has an expression that I love.  It is her all-inclusive “whatever” look.  There is a subtle [...]

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My brother Lou always says that there is never a problem knowing where our girls are playing.  The exact location is easily detected by simply listening for the source of the screaming.
It is a fool-proof system, really.  Wherever our young female charges are gathered together, there are sure to be some high-pitched verbal cues within [...]

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One of the first suggestions made to clients who are seeking recovery from any form of addiction is to “find new friends.”
Seeking freedom from an addiction, or simply choosing to adopt a new and often unfamiliar approach to life is slightly smoother when you discontinue frequent interaction with others who engage in behavior that you [...]

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Every family has their quirks.  Some are more deeply rooted in dysfunction than others, but all human beings who are associated through blood or marriage seem to have what could be defined as character flaws.
Among the several definitive features on my mother’s side of the family, there is one annoying custom that has persisted for [...]

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Upon further review, Aunt Jillian Olive Bean has retracted her formal resignation from child care.  I feel quite certain that my obligation to my nephew is not complete.
In a recent post titled “The End of an Era,” I described the recent events surrounding my decision to retire from watching my sister’s kids.  Evie is a [...]

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My sister Evie is a very gifted teacher.  She spends every school day (and more) working with 11 to 13 year-old middle school students.  Young minds benefit from her fundamental words of guidance that apply to every human being.
“We all make choices,” Evie reminds us.
Right you are, dear sister.  How often we forget that we [...]

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