Nothing says “I love you” like fresh-cut flowers.
Thank you for not getting me a stupid potted plant.  I don’t want anything that includes dirt. When it requires extended care, it’s not a gift.  It’s a chore.  I already have plenty of those.
I want to admire an object of affection.
Fresh stems?  There’s the real prize.
“Wow. You [...]

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Boundaries blurred
Whispers heard
Be mindful of your spoken word
Let not intention be recanted
From seeds once planted
Requests be granted
Equals only be enticed
Review the guest list once or twice
Then light the candles
And fire up the blender
‘Tis no better night for wishes rendered!

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What is an epiphany, exactly, and when the hell do I get to have one?

Water was sloshing from every surface of my shoes, including the spongy soles of those stupid gel inserts which, until now, had never given me cause to wonder just how many gallons of liquid they were capable of retaining.  Diligently running [...]

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Human partnership is strange.  Unless one of you is willing to lay down and die, there has to be a mutual respect for differences.
Twenty-five years ago I recited this fatal marriage vow with fleeting panic whilst standing in front of a priest.  No one likes to be reminded of potential tragedy, particularly on what is [...]

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I miss my dad.
There has not been one day since he died that I don’t remember him.
The sadness of his loss is slowly being replaced with the simple joy I feel to have known him.  I’ve been experiencing some recent moments of gentle guidance from none other than the legend himself.  He still has me [...]

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“If I only knew then what I know now…”
There is such a mind-full of wisdom in this statement.  There are so many times that I have heard, used, and felt very familiar with this adage.
Most of us encounter moments when we evaluate our past, contemplate our future, and wish that we had more pertinent wisdom [...]

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Bravo to the person who first considered substituting the word “suggestion” for “complaint.”  We may be well aware that a slotted receptacle situated in an obscure location of an establishment is still just a “complaint box,” but a subtle word change can at least offer us an alternative attitude.
When our desire to change things manifests [...]

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The long summer days stretch before me as I marvel at this precious ‘down’ time.
Durwood’s current project keeps him away from the house for days at a time, and the kids are busy, too.  Either away at camp, working diligently at their summer jobs, or house-sitting for friends, the tell-tale signs of their presence are [...]

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My wife tells me that there are plenty of forums that promote the discussion of politics and religion.  This site was conceived to encourage the development of the individual, regardless of political and religious persuasion.
With that in mind, this weekend seems fitting to celebrate the true spirit of Independence Day.  Defined as “the freedom from [...]

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I can’t believe that I ever thought I might run out of things to write.  Durwood always tells me that I talk a lot, but that does not mean that I have anything meaningful to say.  My beloved spouse of twenty-five years has raised his eyebrows at least a million times to say, “Are you [...]

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