I take in the scenery from my favorite spot on the front porch.  The bounty I can see around me is just a small piece of my growing Empire.  This is my Victory Garden.  Everywhere I look is evidence that I’m creating a life worthwhile.
Is evidence necessary?  Certainly.  What’s the point of Worthwhile Witchcraft without [...]

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Quite unexpectedly, Jillian’s luck had taken a winning turn.  Cautionary optimism had been abruptly replaced with unshakable certainty, and she would never again view her life the same.
She blamed solitaire.
Until recently, it was the one card game she had expressly passed off as a waste of time.
“Surely there are better things to do,” she concluded.
Staring [...]

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“How old am I?”
I pause within a sudden urge to skip, refraining from the possibility of looking like an idiot in heels.  This is only because I am keenly aware that people will see me.
Sadly, the fleeting moment of spontaneous expression has evaporated.  The mere thought that another human might witness my childish behavior has [...]

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Nothing says “I love you” like fresh-cut flowers.
Thank you for not getting me a stupid potted plant.  I don’t want anything that includes dirt. When it requires extended care, it’s not a gift.  It’s a chore.  I already have plenty of those.
I want to admire an object of affection.
Fresh stems?  There’s the real prize.
“Wow. You [...]

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I have at least a dozen posts waiting in my draft file.  I must have opened one every week for the past month or so, but the inspiration to edit and publish one of them just wasn’t there.
I had become so attached to the perfection of the archive feature, that I was committed to post [...]

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Boundaries blurred
Whispers heard
Be mindful of your spoken word
Let not intention be recanted
From seeds once planted
Requests be granted
Equals only be enticed
Review the guest list once or twice
Then light the candles
And fire up the blender
‘Tis no better night for wishes rendered!

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His name was Duke.  I remembered the name so suddenly that it surprised me.  I wasn’t counting on coming up with a name while recalling a scenario that occurred over 25 years ago.  But there it was, right out of the blue, having no significance whatsoever to the memory of what had actually transpired.
We were [...]

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What is an epiphany, exactly, and when the hell do I get to have one?

Water was sloshing from every surface of my shoes, including the spongy soles of those stupid gel inserts which, until now, had never given me cause to wonder just how many gallons of liquid they were capable of retaining.  Diligently running [...]

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Watch yourself, sister.
Should you dismiss that vaguely familiar shitty feeling once again, your role in this recurring drama is destined to continue indefinitely.
Hold still for a moment.
Take an objective view of the scenario that you have found yourself drawn into.
Notice anything?
Ah, there it is.  Now you see it.
It is painfully obvious that once again you [...]

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Who the hell is in charge here?
I am.  You are.
At least, we are supposed to be.  If only we could accept this truth without those pesky human belief systems, we might reclaim our birthright to consistently call the shots.
Any well-trained and clever witch would remember that it is she who sets the tone for her [...]

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