What could be more life-altering in our mortal existence than to reunite with our divine origin?
Unless, of course, we simply choose to wait until we die.  For it is physical expiration, my friend, that will always remain a “life-altering” option.
Some of us prefer the promise of reuniting with our All-Knowing Self while we are here [...]

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Durwood has a client who stands over his shoulder while he works.  Since he is a qualified professional, this type of behavior does not affect the satisfactory completion of the job Durwood was hired to do.  It does, however, impede progress.
I find the same conditions apply to our creative process.
Why do we still insist upon [...]

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As a testament to the power of faith in Divine Order, Caroline made her arrival to the planet exactly three years ago.  My sister Evie and her husband had spent years trying to conceive a child.  After draining a substantial amount of their savings to endure the emotional and physical demands of all available medical [...]

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I love people.  It seems most natural for me to strike up a conversation with a cashier, another shopper, someone behind me in line at the bank, or even a woman in the ladies room washing her hands in the sink next to mine.  I do not engage in lengthy conversations with everyone that I [...]

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There comes a time when we can no longer blame (or attribute) the course of our life to any other human being but ourselves.  If we take full responsibility for all of our decisions and their consequences, we realize that our actual experiences are chosen by us.
The one aspect that we do have control over [...]

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