Durwood has a client who stands over his shoulder while he works.  Since he is a qualified professional, this type of behavior does not affect the satisfactory completion of the job Durwood was hired to do.  It does, however, impede progress.
I find the same conditions apply to our creative process.
Why do we still insist upon [...]

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“If I only knew then what I know now…”
There is such a mind-full of wisdom in this statement.  There are so many times that I have heard, used, and felt very familiar with this adage.
Most of us encounter moments when we evaluate our past, contemplate our future, and wish that we had more pertinent wisdom [...]

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I had always been such a damn Pollyanna.  Ever vigilant to glean a bright side, the notion of “giving up” had never been an option for me.  There was always a glimmer of hope to be found somewhere within.  No matter what was happening around me, or what anyone else said to the contrary, I [...]

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The long summer days stretch before me as I marvel at this precious ‘down’ time.
Durwood’s current project keeps him away from the house for days at a time, and the kids are busy, too.  Either away at camp, working diligently at their summer jobs, or house-sitting for friends, the tell-tale signs of their presence are [...]

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There is buried treasure right within your grasp.  I’m not kidding.  It is growing in abundance at this very moment, and the source from which it continues to accumulate is infinite.  The only thing that might be missing from this bounty is you.
What are these plentiful ‘riches’ that you have acquired?  And when will you [...]

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Due to our planetary assimilation, many human beings maintain limited versions of how expansive our spiritual selves can be.  We do not always think big enough!
On occasion, we can have rare glimpses of the extensive reach of our soul energy.  There are certain instances of emotional distress when we might experience a familiar sense of [...]

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I love people.  It seems most natural for me to strike up a conversation with a cashier, another shopper, someone behind me in line at the bank, or even a woman in the ladies room washing her hands in the sink next to mine.  I do not engage in lengthy conversations with everyone that I [...]

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In a virtual battle for control over my life, I am my own most formidable opponent.  It is a classic struggle between my conscious mind and my heart’s desire.
The mind is quite capable of acknowledging that there is an All-Knowing and powerful force that exists within each of us, and yet it will constantly prompt [...]

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