I earned my appreciation for peeing in privacy.  Until I raised three children of my own, I did not understand what a luxury this is.
It is a rare privilege to nurture our fledgling offspring.  A mother willingly casts aside many of her personal priorities without hesitation, as the survival of her young prevails over any [...]

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Human partnership is strange.  Unless one of you is willing to lay down and die, there has to be a mutual respect for differences.
Twenty-five years ago I recited this fatal marriage vow with fleeting panic whilst standing in front of a priest.  No one likes to be reminded of potential tragedy, particularly on what is [...]

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Okay, we get it.  Most of us are well aware of the positive and powerful energy of appreciation.
Through many avenues of study, we have rediscovered the intrinsic value of being thankful for the blessings that are present within our current life experience.  We know that focusing on what we have, and offering the vibrational equivalent [...]

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Forbearance is an aspect of the human experience that never fails to confound my eagerness.
I really have a thing about patience.  I suspect that if I were to go back through all of my previous posts and tag any references I have made on this subject, the number would be impressive.  Revealing itself in extra-bold [...]

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Sometimes it takes 49 years before we allow ourselves to remember how ‘individual’ we truly are.  Due to the nature of human interaction, we seem to spend much of our time identifying who we are, and why we behave the way to we do, by comparing ourselves to others.  The more that we understand how [...]

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Since when is suffering considered a hallowed virtue?  There is not a doubt that any well-bred Catholic would probably have the answer to that.  The esteemed qualities that are required for sainthood include forbearance, suffering, and ultimate sacrifice.  Individuals who exhibited these traits throughout their lifetime, and then demonstrated their “holiness” by dying for their [...]

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