We are limited by what we believe.  It is inevitable.  Our acquired philosophy will eventually be reflected in the life we lead.  That which we believe to be true becomes our human experience.  Depending on the structural integrity of one’s belief system, self-fulfilling-prophecy can be a blessing or a curse.
So how is it that we [...]

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In the liquor industry, we refer to New Year’s Eve as “amateur night.”  Witches hold a similar opinion toward the commercialized celebration of Halloween.
It’s not that we are pretentious.  We just enjoy a bit of humor in the once-a-year fascination with the supernatural.  For those of us who practice the art of true magic as [...]

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A claim to old age and treachery often requires a lengthy resume filled with disappointment.  Worn as a merit badge, first-hand experience with the ‘hard knocks’ of life provides justification to keep your feet on the ground, stay put, and avoid anything that includes risk.
To hell with excuses.
Attributing our current identity to past experience is [...]

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I hate my tarot cards.  They’re always right.
There are various divination tools available to us when we desire a glimpse into our future.  It has become my own jaded opinion that we do not really need these tools to determine the nature of future events or circumstances in our life.  I believe that overall outcomes [...]

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