Who the hell is in charge here?
I am.  You are.
At least, we are supposed to be.  If only we could accept this truth without those pesky human belief systems, we might reclaim our birthright to consistently call the shots.
Any well-trained and clever witch would remember that it is she who sets the tone for her [...]

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Picky, picky…
That’s it.
This is the only guideline a modern witch will ever need to fulfill her purpose.
And what is her purpose?
That’s easy.  Her only purpose is to be absolutely content with today and completely enthusiastic about tomorrow.
Somewhere, deep within us, we know that this basic element of overall satisfaction is all we need to continue [...]

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Was I really stuck?
…Stuck in a joyless commitment to certain family members and friends, stuck in a shitty and unrewarding job, stuck in an unbalanced relationship, stuck with too many bills and a dwindling bank account, stuck in the same old predictable conversations, stuck with endless requests for my time, and stuck in the same [...]

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For thousands of years, mankind has formulated many words of wisdom.  In an effort to derive some meaning from our lives, we have effectively incorporated these words into our various ancestral belief systems.  Handing them down to subsequent generations has instilled a sense of comprehension and purpose within our earthly experience.
Being able to explain so [...]

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Durwood likes to throw stuff away.  Everything in our home is subject to scrutiny, and any object that poses the slightest question toward usefulness is always in danger of removal.
At this very moment, I could choose any random item in our home, direct Durwood’s attention toward it, and ask, “What about this?”
The odds will always [...]

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