It can be difficult to engage in a religious discussion without offending someone.  When I started this site, I deemed it possible to focus on the spiritual aspects of our personal human experience, while leaving the topic of religious affiliation out of the equation.  Assuming that we all started ’somewhere’ in our spiritual training, what [...]

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Nothing can take down a renewed sense of sovereignty faster than the opinion of your neighbor.  The long and winding highway of opinions carries heavy traffic both ways.  It seems that life becomes a hell of a lot easier when you get off the road completely.
What other people think of me is none of my [...]

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When it comes to ritualistic Catholic aerobics, any length of time spent away from church becomes irrelevant.  After encountering what may be a brief period of uncertainty, a well-trained former Catholic can resume the proper procedure regarding when to sit, stand, kneel, repeat the words in a congregation-wide reply, and recite at least the last [...]

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There comes a time when we can no longer blame (or attribute) the course of our life to any other human being but ourselves.  If we take full responsibility for all of our decisions and their consequences, we realize that our actual experiences are chosen by us.
The one aspect that we do have control over [...]

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My moods are often so reflective of the current moon phase that it was not surprising that I found myself uncluttering a spare room closet today.  I will enter a place of storage within our home with a clear purpose of procuring one item in particular, and end up discovering several items that are no [...]

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