Every morning I wake up with fragments of a song looping through my head.  I may have heard it at some point the day before.  Maybe not.  Sometimes the song is so obscure that its origins are a mystery.
My first cup of coffee in hand, I sit quietly on the front porch.  Within minutes, I [...]

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In the liquor industry, we refer to New Year’s Eve as “amateur night.”  Witches hold a similar opinion toward the commercialized celebration of Halloween.
It’s not that we are pretentious.  We just enjoy a bit of humor in the once-a-year fascination with the supernatural.  For those of us who practice the art of true magic as [...]

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For THE LOVE OF GOD, what is the rest of me doing while my body is asleep?!
The scenarios are endless.  Forgetting to determine my intentions before falling into slumber guarantees that my awakening will be a damn crap shoot.
Failure to set forth even the slightest ambition toward what you want to accomplish in the near [...]

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Something is happening that you do not like.  It is a minor irritation, or it is a monumental problem.  Whatever rank it holds in your scale of perception, you are sick of it.  You feel as if you have done absolutely everything in your power to change it, and yet the situation remains the same.
From [...]

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Time can be a real bugger.  No other aspect of life on the planet can shake my faith quite like time itself.
The journey toward personal wish-fulfillment includes accepting obsolete belief systems and the steady influx of thought offered by others.  When you realize that struggling against the influence of the past and the opinion of [...]

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I used to pride myself on being such a practical, organized witch.  Since I started this blog almost one year ago, I have always looked forward to sitting down at my desk to write to you.  I still do.
After pouring myself a hot, strong, and black cup of coffee, I would usually light a long-awaited [...]

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I never turn down an opportunity to watch the movie Moonstruck.  Among some of my favorite lines, I am particularly fond of the scene when Olympia Dukakis’ character asks an unsuspecting male why a man would cheat on his wife.  The answer is brilliant.
“I think it is because they fear death.”
Ah, such is the concern [...]

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Several hundred years working in the bar business has supplied my mental library with volumes of fascinating tales.  Viewing human behavior from behind the bar affords many opportunities to witness a full spectrum of individual approaches toward this wonderful life.  Subjects who partake in the practice of alcohol consumption can be particularly interesting.
Among the scrolls [...]

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I thought it was just me.  Then during recent conversations with fellow human beings, it would seem that my own current observations were showing some obvious threads of similarity between us.  A theme evolved.  I knew that it was no longer just me.
There appears to be a ‘funk’ lingering within our present relationship with the [...]

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