We are a complete package.  Aspects of a human being include the Divine Self and Spirit, the Heart of Emotion, the Physical Vessel, and the Mind of Knowledge.
Although we are furnished with these four elemental components, it is the realm of the Mind that most of us access when seeking to improve our life.  We [...]

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My sister Evie is a very gifted teacher.  She spends every school day (and more) working with 11 to 13 year-old middle school students.  Young minds benefit from her fundamental words of guidance that apply to every human being.
“We all make choices,” Evie reminds us.
Right you are, dear sister.  How often we forget that we [...]

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I love coincidences in life.  The recognition of corresponding  circumstances and events that occur throughout one’s daily life are significant indicators of creation in action.  Coincidences are personal message boards provided by the Universe to confirm that your vibrational output is aligning with your heart’s desire.  Just when you start to entertain some doubts about [...]

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My sister wants something.  She wants it badly.  As if on cue, a barrage of relevant circumstances parade into Evie’s life in order to justify the reason why she wanted this thing in the first place.  As the frequency of these pertinent events increase, so does Evie’s desire.  The more that she wants this thing, [...]

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In a virtual battle for control over my life, I am my own most formidable opponent.  It is a classic struggle between my conscious mind and my heart’s desire.
The mind is quite capable of acknowledging that there is an All-Knowing and powerful force that exists within each of us, and yet it will constantly prompt [...]

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