I take in the scenery from my favorite spot on the front porch.  The bounty I can see around me is just a small piece of my growing Empire.  This is my Victory Garden.  Everywhere I look is evidence that I’m creating a life worthwhile.
Is evidence necessary?  Certainly.  What’s the point of Worthwhile Witchcraft without [...]

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I’m old.  And I love it.
If age is relative to the individual, then I might need to find an alternative for the word “old.”
I could describe the luminary qualities of aging in the form of some mystical interpretation.  It would be quite easy for me to indulge in my theory behind the conscious awakening of [...]

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I am standing at the check-out counter in the 7-11 store when I notice the mood rings arranged in a cardboard display box.  One by one, I begin to try them on for size.  I pretend that I am just occupying my time while the young, tattooed man behind the counter looks for my cigarettes.
I [...]

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I hate my tarot cards.  They’re always right.
There are various divination tools available to us when we desire a glimpse into our future.  It has become my own jaded opinion that we do not really need these tools to determine the nature of future events or circumstances in our life.  I believe that overall outcomes [...]

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We are our parents.  It is inevitable.
As fresh arrivals to the planet, we are required to relinquish our our sovereignty in order to survive.  Our parents hold our creative power in trust while we learn the ways of the world, so to speak.
It is an insidiously brilliant plan.  The process allows us to gather useful [...]

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The whole purpose of parenting is to raise another adult.  We teach our children how to use their inherent abilities so they will grow up to become responsible adults who are confident in their creative power.
As new arrivals on the planet, babies are required to entrust their power to grown-ups who can keep them safe.  [...]

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