A claim to old age and treachery often requires a lengthy resume filled with disappointment.  Worn as a merit badge, first-hand experience with the ‘hard knocks’ of life provides justification to keep your feet on the ground, stay put, and avoid anything that includes risk.
To hell with excuses.
Attributing our current identity to past experience is [...]

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Durwood has a client who stands over his shoulder while he works.  Since he is a qualified professional, this type of behavior does not affect the satisfactory completion of the job Durwood was hired to do.  It does, however, impede progress.
I find the same conditions apply to our creative process.
Why do we still insist upon [...]

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Forbearance is an aspect of the human experience that never fails to confound my eagerness.
I really have a thing about patience.  I suspect that if I were to go back through all of my previous posts and tag any references I have made on this subject, the number would be impressive.  Revealing itself in extra-bold [...]

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As  human consciousness expands, we are becoming more in tune with our thought patterns.  Most of us understand the concept that our repeated thoughts serve to create our current reality, so we are practicing mindful awareness of what we are allowing to run through our heads.
Although this is an essential component in the creative process, [...]

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Patience is only a virtue when I feel like I need some.  For most of my life, patience has remained one of the qualities of human behavior that I never really cared to possess.  In an effort to hasten most of what I wanted in life, I would resort to ‘vigilance’ as a suitable substitution [...]

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My sister wants something.  She wants it badly.  As if on cue, a barrage of relevant circumstances parade into Evie’s life in order to justify the reason why she wanted this thing in the first place.  As the frequency of these pertinent events increase, so does Evie’s desire.  The more that she wants this thing, [...]

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