One of the first suggestions made to clients who are seeking recovery from any form of addiction is to “find new friends.”
Seeking freedom from an addiction, or simply choosing to adopt a new and often unfamiliar approach to life is slightly smoother when you discontinue frequent interaction with others who engage in behavior that you [...]

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Every family has their quirks.  Some are more deeply rooted in dysfunction than others, but all human beings who are associated through blood or marriage seem to have what could be defined as character flaws.
Among the several definitive features on my mother’s side of the family, there is one annoying custom that has persisted for [...]

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Seemingly random information appears throughout our life in which we do not attribute any particular significance to at the time.  It is not until some moment later in in our life that we realize just how pivotal this occasion had been.
There are rare moments when it can feel like just yesterday, but it has been [...]

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I know who I am.  Every now and then I experience moments when the connection to my inner and Knowing Self is not flowing at optimum capacity.  I always picture the bar graph on the computer screen that indicates signal strength in the internet connection.  I can feel when mine is weak.
Over the years I’ve [...]

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