Armed with bullet points on an index card, even a timid mind can express intention clearly.
Well, most of the time.
I’ve had my moments.  Predetermined lines of reason fly out the window if nervous energy makes an untimely entrance.  With a potential to spread like wildfire, unchecked emotions will overpower a well-rehearsed delivery before a witch [...]

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Every morning I wake up with fragments of a song looping through my head.  I may have heard it at some point the day before.  Maybe not.  Sometimes the song is so obscure that its origins are a mystery.
My first cup of coffee in hand, I sit quietly on the front porch.  Within minutes, I [...]

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There comes a time (or two) in the life of every witch when her resiliency is tested.  Years of stalwart adherence to the upside of life is no longer just hopeful speculation.
Without pretense or warning, life will offer the opportunity to put your theories to the test.  Just as the student who steps beyond the [...]

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Forbearance is an aspect of the human experience that never fails to confound my eagerness.
I really have a thing about patience.  I suspect that if I were to go back through all of my previous posts and tag any references I have made on this subject, the number would be impressive.  Revealing itself in extra-bold [...]

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Something is happening that you do not like.  It is a minor irritation, or it is a monumental problem.  Whatever rank it holds in your scale of perception, you are sick of it.  You feel as if you have done absolutely everything in your power to change it, and yet the situation remains the same.
From [...]

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I can’t believe that I ever thought I might run out of things to write.  Durwood always tells me that I talk a lot, but that does not mean that I have anything meaningful to say.  My beloved spouse of twenty-five years has raised his eyebrows at least a million times to say, “Are you [...]

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Does the Universe employ some sort of switchboard operators?
Assuming that this position even exists, it would seem as if there are times in our life when we feel as if some of these cosmic employees do not perform their jobs very well.  Out of the eight million Universal Sales Associates seated in front of the [...]

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I started writing this blog for myself.  I wanted to read something that would address some of my ongoing questions concerning the REAL journey through life.  After spending many hours perusing the Internet for relevant information, my desire for sparkling insight remained unsatisfied.  I wanted more.
Fellow mom blogs are fun, worthy, and full of practical [...]

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Some things are better left unsaid.
Most of us have heard this many times throughout our lives.  Sage advice reminds us to keep our mouth shut in order to avoid potentially offensive words toward our fellow human beings.  It would be prudent for us to consider the same sentiment regarding the process of creation.  Being privy [...]

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We are a complete package.  Aspects of a human being include the Divine Self and Spirit, the Heart of Emotion, the Physical Vessel, and the Mind of Knowledge.
Although we are furnished with these four elemental components, it is the realm of the Mind that most of us access when seeking to improve our life.  We [...]

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