What is an epiphany, exactly, and when the hell do I get to have one?

Water was sloshing from every surface of my shoes, including the spongy soles of those stupid gel inserts which, until now, had never given me cause to wonder just how many gallons of liquid they were capable of retaining.  Diligently running [...]

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Sometimes you just need to drive around the block a few times before the perfect parking space opens up.
Impatience aside, circling the block provides an opportunity to observe things that may have gone unnoticed the first time around.  A practical witch might consider applying the same leisurely process to her current affairs.
After all, we love [...]

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Every morning I wake up with fragments of a song looping through my head.  I may have heard it at some point the day before.  Maybe not.  Sometimes the song is so obscure that its origins are a mystery.
My first cup of coffee in hand, I sit quietly on the front porch.  Within minutes, I [...]

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Everyone could use a little help now and then.
After all, we are human.
We may long for some understanding toward our purpose in life.  We may pause to question why we are here.  Uncertain moments may linger as we yearn for insight regarding our circumstances.  We might welcome a clue to uncover the secret formula for [...]

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I am standing at the check-out counter in the 7-11 store when I notice the mood rings arranged in a cardboard display box.  One by one, I begin to try them on for size.  I pretend that I am just occupying my time while the young, tattooed man behind the counter looks for my cigarettes.
I [...]

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Does the Universe employ some sort of switchboard operators?
Assuming that this position even exists, it would seem as if there are times in our life when we feel as if some of these cosmic employees do not perform their jobs very well.  Out of the eight million Universal Sales Associates seated in front of the [...]

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I started writing this blog for myself.  I wanted to read something that would address some of my ongoing questions concerning the REAL journey through life.  After spending many hours perusing the Internet for relevant information, my desire for sparkling insight remained unsatisfied.  I wanted more.
Fellow mom blogs are fun, worthy, and full of practical [...]

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We are a complete package.  Aspects of a human being include the Divine Self and Spirit, the Heart of Emotion, the Physical Vessel, and the Mind of Knowledge.
Although we are furnished with these four elemental components, it is the realm of the Mind that most of us access when seeking to improve our life.  We [...]

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My sister wants something.  She wants it badly.  As if on cue, a barrage of relevant circumstances parade into Evie’s life in order to justify the reason why she wanted this thing in the first place.  As the frequency of these pertinent events increase, so does Evie’s desire.  The more that she wants this thing, [...]

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Although I was quite young at the time, I remember that my grandmother would point her finger at us and say, “Do not give your power to anyone.”  Grandma was barely fluent in the English language and she would never elaborate on her statement.  When questioned, she would simply repeat the declaration while adding a [...]

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