Could it be that an entire school year has gone by since Jim left for college?  Now that it is time to make the drive up north to bring Jim home for the summer, I have become acutely aware of the elegant ebb and flow of our time-space continuum.
Time has an oddly unique perspective for [...]

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Attractive as the striped stockings and trendy ankle boots may be, the most appealing aspect of practicing your own witchcraft is the ever-expanding connection to Source energy.  Exploring the depths of your heart in order to reconnect with the Divine power that exists within each of us is a unique and individual journey of choice.  [...]

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In a virtual battle for control over my life, I am my own most formidable opponent.  It is a classic struggle between my conscious mind and my heart’s desire.
The mind is quite capable of acknowledging that there is an All-Knowing and powerful force that exists within each of us, and yet it will constantly prompt [...]

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Although I was quite young at the time, I remember that my grandmother would point her finger at us and say, “Do not give your power to anyone.”  Grandma was barely fluent in the English language and she would never elaborate on her statement.  When questioned, she would simply repeat the declaration while adding a [...]

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I subscribe to the theory that ‘thoughts are things.’  Our minds are so powerful that we can actually focus on any specific thought (desirable, or not) long enough to bring it into our experience.  Attach a strong emotion to that thought, revisit the combination frequently, add the main ingredient of ‘believing’ it will happen, and [...]

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