This is the first time that I have EVER been so turned around with the phases of the moon.
Inaccurate observation of the moon’s current status can be quite embarrassing for any self-respecting witch.  Ordinarily, I would be rather vexed.
It seems that I have spent the past few weeks in an ignorant state of bliss regarding [...]

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Several hundred years working in the bar business has supplied my mental library with volumes of fascinating tales.  Viewing human behavior from behind the bar affords many opportunities to witness a full spectrum of individual approaches toward this wonderful life.  Subjects who partake in the practice of alcohol consumption can be particularly interesting.
Among the scrolls [...]

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My moods are often so reflective of the current moon phase that it was not surprising that I found myself uncluttering a spare room closet today.  I will enter a place of storage within our home with a clear purpose of procuring one item in particular, and end up discovering several items that are no [...]

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Adjusting the clocks in accordance with the time change this past weekend served as a reminder for me to continue utilizing the impressive capabilities of my own internal clock.
As a resident of this physical world I find it most advantageous to be aware of the inherent cycles and phases that occur within the same physical [...]

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