I earned my appreciation for peeing in privacy.  Until I raised three children of my own, I did not understand what a luxury this is.
It is a rare privilege to nurture our fledgling offspring.  A mother willingly casts aside many of her personal priorities without hesitation, as the survival of her young prevails over any [...]

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I wonder if I might pose the question, “What is love?” without prompting a slight gag reflex in either of us?
A smirk?  A roll of the eyes?
C’mon, Jill.
It is possible to address the subject of love seriously.
A practical witch will gladly remove a firmly-placed tongue from the cheek to explore all energy forms that are [...]

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I used to pride myself on being such a practical, organized witch.  Since I started this blog almost one year ago, I have always looked forward to sitting down at my desk to write to you.  I still do.
After pouring myself a hot, strong, and black cup of coffee, I would usually light a long-awaited [...]

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Nothing generates shared sentiment more readily than motherhood.  There is a universal sisterhood among mothers in which unspoken sympathies are exchanged during any occasion that involves our precious offspring.  Durwood calls it a fellowship of “blubberers.”
Last night’s trip to the airport felt like any other routine pick-up.  Even though I had not seen James since [...]

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