A spell, a chant, a prayer, rosary beads, or even a daily affirmation are merely the focusing mechanisms by which you develop your creatorship.  As we continue to expand in spirit and heart, it seems fitting that we diversify our repertoire of tools.
We are ever-changing beings whose evolution is in a fluid state of growth.  [...]

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We are a complete package.  Aspects of a human being include the Divine Self and Spirit, the Heart of Emotion, the Physical Vessel, and the Mind of Knowledge.
Although we are furnished with these four elemental components, it is the realm of the Mind that most of us access when seeking to improve our life.  We [...]

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Once upon a time there was a vibrant elm tree that grew in the front yard of the Bean family’s modest first home.  Durwood and Jillian Bean had planted the young tree within the first few months after they had moved into the house.
In the five years that they had lived there, the tree’s growth [...]

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My kids still like to remind me of the time that I told them to “shut up and read their tea bags.”
We were in the midst of moving into what would be our fourth home within five years.  With three kids, three dogs, two cats, two birds, a rabbit, and all the crap that goes [...]

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