One drop of doubt can taint an entire ocean full of optimism.
Unchecked, a mere hint of it will grab a foothold in the infancy of one’s dreams, expand rapidly throughout the hallways of the mind, and wreak havoc within an entire network of carefully planned intentions.
Doubt is a master infiltrator.  Before you know it, that [...]

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A claim to old age and treachery often requires a lengthy resume filled with disappointment.  Worn as a merit badge, first-hand experience with the ‘hard knocks’ of life provides justification to keep your feet on the ground, stay put, and avoid anything that includes risk.
To hell with excuses.
Attributing our current identity to past experience is [...]

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There comes a time (or two) in the life of every witch when her resiliency is tested.  Years of stalwart adherence to the upside of life is no longer just hopeful speculation.
Without pretense or warning, life will offer the opportunity to put your theories to the test.  Just as the student who steps beyond the [...]

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Durwood has a client who stands over his shoulder while he works.  Since he is a qualified professional, this type of behavior does not affect the satisfactory completion of the job Durwood was hired to do.  It does, however, impede progress.
I find the same conditions apply to our creative process.
Why do we still insist upon [...]

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Time can be a real bugger.  No other aspect of life on the planet can shake my faith quite like time itself.
The journey toward personal wish-fulfillment includes accepting obsolete belief systems and the steady influx of thought offered by others.  When you realize that struggling against the influence of the past and the opinion of [...]

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Some things are better left unsaid.
Most of us have heard this many times throughout our lives.  Sage advice reminds us to keep our mouth shut in order to avoid potentially offensive words toward our fellow human beings.  It would be prudent for us to consider the same sentiment regarding the process of creation.  Being privy [...]

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My sister Evie is a very gifted teacher.  She spends every school day (and more) working with 11 to 13 year-old middle school students.  Young minds benefit from her fundamental words of guidance that apply to every human being.
“We all make choices,” Evie reminds us.
Right you are, dear sister.  How often we forget that we [...]

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All you can be is who you are.  Do you know who you are?
Our perception of our character, personality, and what we are capable of experiencing is so often altered by our interaction with others.  As physical beings, we are subject to the thoughts and behaviors of the people that we come in contact with [...]

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“Am I crazy?”
This is quite possibly the one question that we ask ourselves often enough to effectively prevent our creative ability to reach its full potential.  Formulating an idea about certain experiences that we would like to have, and then instinctively weighing the rational nature of this extreme notion, is the one thing that can [...]

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