Several hundred years working in the bar business has supplied my mental library with volumes of fascinating tales.  Viewing human behavior from behind the bar affords many opportunities to witness a full spectrum of individual approaches toward this wonderful life.  Subjects who partake in the practice of alcohol consumption can be particularly interesting.
Among the scrolls [...]

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I can’t believe that I ever thought I might run out of things to write.  Durwood always tells me that I talk a lot, but that does not mean that I have anything meaningful to say.  My beloved spouse of twenty-five years has raised his eyebrows at least a million times to say, “Are you [...]

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It is in our nature to want more.  A desire to have more, be more, and do more defines the process of expansion.  It is the ever-present desire for growth that makes us eternal beings.  Wanting more is life-giving!
Every time we observe something that we would like to bring into our own experience, our Inner [...]

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Meet Brutus.  Brutus is over 12 years old, which makes him about the same age (in human years) as my dad.  Set in their ways, and fiercely loyal to their routines, both dog and man have zero tolerance for disruption in their lives.
My dad is very firm regarding his basic requirements.  For example, he would [...]

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