“How old am I?”
I pause within a sudden urge to skip, refraining from the possibility of looking like an idiot in heels.  This is only because I am keenly aware that people will see me.
Sadly, the fleeting moment of spontaneous expression has evaporated.  The mere thought that another human might witness my childish behavior has [...]

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Sometimes a human just needs to be alone.
I sure do.
Until recently, I never really understood how to do this.  Although being alone seemed intriguing, it also sounded rather boring.  Now that I have spent fifty-one years on the planet, being content with my own thoughts is finally getting easier.  This is an improvement from the [...]

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I’m old.  And I love it.
If age is relative to the individual, then I might need to find an alternative for the word “old.”
I could describe the luminary qualities of aging in the form of some mystical interpretation.  It would be quite easy for me to indulge in my theory behind the conscious awakening of [...]

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It’s official.  I am a lifelong member of the all-or-nothing society.
I want it all.  If I can’t have the best, all-inclusive package that suits my every need, then I don’t want it at all.
Have I tempered my agenda over the last fifty years that I have lived on the planet?  Well, my fine human friend, [...]

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Time can be a real bugger.  No other aspect of life on the planet can shake my faith quite like time itself.
The journey toward personal wish-fulfillment includes accepting obsolete belief systems and the steady influx of thought offered by others.  When you realize that struggling against the influence of the past and the opinion of [...]

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For thousands of years, mankind has formulated many words of wisdom.  In an effort to derive some meaning from our lives, we have effectively incorporated these words into our various ancestral belief systems.  Handing them down to subsequent generations has instilled a sense of comprehension and purpose within our earthly experience.
Being able to explain so [...]

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Nothing can take down a renewed sense of sovereignty faster than the opinion of your neighbor.  The long and winding highway of opinions carries heavy traffic both ways.  It seems that life becomes a hell of a lot easier when you get off the road completely.
What other people think of me is none of my [...]

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Seemingly random information appears throughout our life in which we do not attribute any particular significance to at the time.  It is not until some moment later in in our life that we realize just how pivotal this occasion had been.
There are rare moments when it can feel like just yesterday, but it has been [...]

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All you can be is who you are.  Do you know who you are?
Our perception of our character, personality, and what we are capable of experiencing is so often altered by our interaction with others.  As physical beings, we are subject to the thoughts and behaviors of the people that we come in contact with [...]

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