Was I really stuck?
…Stuck in a joyless commitment to certain family members and friends, stuck in a shitty and unrewarding job, stuck in an unbalanced relationship, stuck with too many bills and a dwindling bank account, stuck in the same old predictable conversations, stuck with endless requests for my time, and stuck in the same [...]

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Okay, we get it.  Most of us are well aware of the positive and powerful energy of appreciation.
Through many avenues of study, we have rediscovered the intrinsic value of being thankful for the blessings that are present within our current life experience.  We know that focusing on what we have, and offering the vibrational equivalent [...]

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I don’t like to drink water.  It’s so… blah.
Durwood routinely stands at our kitchen sink to draw a large glass of filtered water for himself.  He ceremoniously ingests the contents of his glass with such pomp and circumstance, you would think he were partaking in the nectar of the gods.  I just don’t see the [...]

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In the liquor industry, we refer to New Year’s Eve as “amateur night.”  Witches hold a similar opinion toward the commercialized celebration of Halloween.
It’s not that we are pretentious.  We just enjoy a bit of humor in the once-a-year fascination with the supernatural.  For those of us who practice the art of true magic as [...]

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A claim to old age and treachery often requires a lengthy resume filled with disappointment.  Worn as a merit badge, first-hand experience with the ‘hard knocks’ of life provides justification to keep your feet on the ground, stay put, and avoid anything that includes risk.
To hell with excuses.
Attributing our current identity to past experience is [...]

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Forbearance is an aspect of the human experience that never fails to confound my eagerness.
I really have a thing about patience.  I suspect that if I were to go back through all of my previous posts and tag any references I have made on this subject, the number would be impressive.  Revealing itself in extra-bold [...]

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Everyone could use a little help now and then.
After all, we are human.
We may long for some understanding toward our purpose in life.  We may pause to question why we are here.  Uncertain moments may linger as we yearn for insight regarding our circumstances.  We might welcome a clue to uncover the secret formula for [...]

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For thousands of years, mankind has formulated many words of wisdom.  In an effort to derive some meaning from our lives, we have effectively incorporated these words into our various ancestral belief systems.  Handing them down to subsequent generations has instilled a sense of comprehension and purpose within our earthly experience.
Being able to explain so [...]

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A spell, a chant, a prayer, rosary beads, or even a daily affirmation are merely the focusing mechanisms by which you develop your creatorship.  As we continue to expand in spirit and heart, it seems fitting that we diversify our repertoire of tools.
We are ever-changing beings whose evolution is in a fluid state of growth.  [...]

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Sure.  We may be complex individuals operating in what we often perceive to be a complicated world, but most of us are remembering that our life experience does not always have to be so damn difficult.  Recognizing that we are the creators of our life experience is one thing, but practicing it on a daily [...]

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