Picky, picky…
That’s it.
This is the only guideline a modern witch will ever need to fulfill her purpose.
And what is her purpose?
That’s easy.  Her only purpose is to be absolutely content with today and completely enthusiastic about tomorrow.
Somewhere, deep within us, we know that this basic element of overall satisfaction is all we need to continue [...]

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In the liquor industry, we refer to New Year’s Eve as “amateur night.”  Witches hold a similar opinion toward the commercialized celebration of Halloween.
It’s not that we are pretentious.  We just enjoy a bit of humor in the once-a-year fascination with the supernatural.  For those of us who practice the art of true magic as [...]

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For THE LOVE OF GOD, what is the rest of me doing while my body is asleep?!
The scenarios are endless.  Forgetting to determine my intentions before falling into slumber guarantees that my awakening will be a damn crap shoot.
Failure to set forth even the slightest ambition toward what you want to accomplish in the near [...]

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There is buried treasure right within your grasp.  I’m not kidding.  It is growing in abundance at this very moment, and the source from which it continues to accumulate is infinite.  The only thing that might be missing from this bounty is you.
What are these plentiful ‘riches’ that you have acquired?  And when will you [...]

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It is in our nature to want more.  A desire to have more, be more, and do more defines the process of expansion.  It is the ever-present desire for growth that makes us eternal beings.  Wanting more is life-giving!
Every time we observe something that we would like to bring into our own experience, our Inner [...]

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I started writing this blog for myself.  I wanted to read something that would address some of my ongoing questions concerning the REAL journey through life.  After spending many hours perusing the Internet for relevant information, my desire for sparkling insight remained unsatisfied.  I wanted more.
Fellow mom blogs are fun, worthy, and full of practical [...]

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