Soul-searching, finding your path to spiritual enlightenment, techniques to achieve emotional healing, the process of vibrational alignment, blah, blah, blah…..
Is any one else as tired reading about this crap as I am of writing about it?!
Holy hell, already.
Perhaps someone needs her second cup of coffee this morning.
Whatever it is, the theme for today will be [...]

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Every morning I wake up with fragments of a song looping through my head.  I may have heard it at some point the day before.  Maybe not.  Sometimes the song is so obscure that its origins are a mystery.
My first cup of coffee in hand, I sit quietly on the front porch.  Within minutes, I [...]

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I’m old.  And I love it.
If age is relative to the individual, then I might need to find an alternative for the word “old.”
I could describe the luminary qualities of aging in the form of some mystical interpretation.  It would be quite easy for me to indulge in my theory behind the conscious awakening of [...]

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Everyone could use a little help now and then.
After all, we are human.
We may long for some understanding toward our purpose in life.  We may pause to question why we are here.  Uncertain moments may linger as we yearn for insight regarding our circumstances.  We might welcome a clue to uncover the secret formula for [...]

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“If I only knew then what I know now…”
There is such a mind-full of wisdom in this statement.  There are so many times that I have heard, used, and felt very familiar with this adage.
Most of us encounter moments when we evaluate our past, contemplate our future, and wish that we had more pertinent wisdom [...]

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A spell, a chant, a prayer, rosary beads, or even a daily affirmation are merely the focusing mechanisms by which you develop your creatorship.  As we continue to expand in spirit and heart, it seems fitting that we diversify our repertoire of tools.
We are ever-changing beings whose evolution is in a fluid state of growth.  [...]

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I love coincidences in life.  The recognition of corresponding  circumstances and events that occur throughout one’s daily life are significant indicators of creation in action.  Coincidences are personal message boards provided by the Universe to confirm that your vibrational output is aligning with your heart’s desire.  Just when you start to entertain some doubts about [...]

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After investing weeks, months, or the years that some of us require in order to remember Who We Are, it can feel like quite a setback to experience dismal moments (especially when they seem to last longer than we would like).  As physical beings, we can accept that mood changes are part of the human [...]

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My sister wants something.  She wants it badly.  As if on cue, a barrage of relevant circumstances parade into Evie’s life in order to justify the reason why she wanted this thing in the first place.  As the frequency of these pertinent events increase, so does Evie’s desire.  The more that she wants this thing, [...]

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There is no way to avoid the obvious season that is upon us at this time of year.  Who would want to?  One certainly does not need to be a witch to feel the magic in the air.
I might be inclined to cite all of the modern Christmas customs that originated with ancient pagan tradition.  [...]

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