One drop of doubt can taint an entire ocean full of optimism.
Unchecked, a mere hint of it will grab a foothold in the infancy of one’s dreams, expand rapidly throughout the hallways of the mind, and wreak havoc within an entire network of carefully planned intentions.
Doubt is a master infiltrator.  Before you know it, that [...]

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It is often the little things in life that can make the difference between hope and despair.
Many mortals have no problem reaching a temporary state of connection with Divine Source.  It may be a fleeting glimpse, or a long and soothing state of ethereal recognition.  In either case, it is that absolute moment in time [...]

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Bravo to the person who first considered substituting the word “suggestion” for “complaint.”  We may be well aware that a slotted receptacle situated in an obscure location of an establishment is still just a “complaint box,” but a subtle word change can at least offer us an alternative attitude.
When our desire to change things manifests [...]

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I am standing at the check-out counter in the 7-11 store when I notice the mood rings arranged in a cardboard display box.  One by one, I begin to try them on for size.  I pretend that I am just occupying my time while the young, tattooed man behind the counter looks for my cigarettes.
I [...]

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It can be difficult to engage in a religious discussion without offending someone.  When I started this site, I deemed it possible to focus on the spiritual aspects of our personal human experience, while leaving the topic of religious affiliation out of the equation.  Assuming that we all started ’somewhere’ in our spiritual training, what [...]

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A spell, a chant, a prayer, rosary beads, or even a daily affirmation are merely the focusing mechanisms by which you develop your creatorship.  As we continue to expand in spirit and heart, it seems fitting that we diversify our repertoire of tools.
We are ever-changing beings whose evolution is in a fluid state of growth.  [...]

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Sure.  We may be complex individuals operating in what we often perceive to be a complicated world, but most of us are remembering that our life experience does not always have to be so damn difficult.  Recognizing that we are the creators of our life experience is one thing, but practicing it on a daily [...]

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Does the Universe employ some sort of switchboard operators?
Assuming that this position even exists, it would seem as if there are times in our life when we feel as if some of these cosmic employees do not perform their jobs very well.  Out of the eight million Universal Sales Associates seated in front of the [...]

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Had Jillian been aware that there were bid assistance programs available, she may not have found herself sitting at the computer with her heart racing a mile a minute at two o’clock in the morning.  She had become obsessed with winning a vintage spirograph set on eBay.  After placing several bids throughout the evening, she [...]

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Sleep states are a strange and interesting feature of the human experience.
During a recent road trip, my options for needed sleep were limited to hotel beds and unavoidable neck-wrenching positions while traveling in the passenger seat of a car.  I missed my bed.
Although my sleep patterns were unusual, normal dream states remained intact.  In fact, [...]

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