Forgetting Jillian






I take in the scenery from my favorite spot on the front porch.  The bounty I can see around me is just a small piece of my growing Empire.  This is my Victory Garden.  Everywhere I look is evidence that I’m creating a life worthwhile.

Is evidence necessary?  Certainly.  What’s the point of Worthwhile Witchcraft without the show?

The Bean Ranch is alive and well.  Unusual and fascinating developments unfold here on a routine basis.  Orbs abound.  Real time coinky-dinks come in rapid-fire succession, and good shit happens here.


Setting aside the time to take pictures, record my observations, and edit my words to post on this website has become, well, considerably less exciting.  Or necessary.

I still love to write.  That hasn’t changed.  I write for myself, every day, just as I always have.  Whether or not my words will be read is never more important than my passion to write them.  If I’m not inspired to publish whatever it is I am writing about, than there is no point in sharing.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

All the stories, revelations, and winning recipes for a bountiful life are in constant flow.  I no longer feel any sense of urgency in writing this stuff down.  I tell myself, “If it’s important, I’ll remember.”  And I do.

As it turns out, Amazing and Powerful Worthwhile Witchcraft really isn’t so complicated.  Writing about it for this blog, or thinking that I had to, is what had made it so.

Since October of 2009, I have published a total of 167 articles on this site.  My original intention to share “the art of living a merry and worthwhile mortal life” is intact.  I am the Ruler of My Empire.  I am the creator of my experience.  I am God.  And You Are Also.

Big sisters are the best.  Without Mary Jo, a modern Victory Garden would not be a story worth telling.


Death By Cards


  1. Evie

    It’s never about the product, but about the journey. My older sister taught me that a very long time ago… know, because big sisters are the best. Love you…..

  2. Jillian Bean

    Love you more, Eviepants:)

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